Mothers, Daughters, & Bodies: A program for mothers and middle school daughters

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Through games, art, writing and sharing, mothers and daughters will:

  • Build a supportive community of peers 
  • Practice communication techniques based in compassion
  • Explore and challenge messages from the media
  • Share experiences, perspectives, thoughts and feelings about our bodies
  • Celebrate and appreciate our bodies through movement and visualization 
  • Learn about pelvic health and natural posture
We are committed to a simple goal of creating a brave space for women and girls to have open conversations about ourselves and our society, and for mothers and daughters to strengthen their relationship through communication and play. We ask that you commit to showing up for each session to help build connection and trust. Take a look at our FAQ Page page for more details.
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Amy Stein


My body story began with a “best friend” bully who controlled me and ridiculed my body and my clothes in grade school. I did my best to disappear to avoid humiliation, and I never told a single friend or adult. In middle school, I finally stood up to my bully and found friends who accepted me for who I was, but it has taken many more years of self-exploration and solidarity with other women to reclaim my sense of worth, to accept my body and to find my voice. 

I believe in the collective power of women and girls who share stories, support each other and who stand up to society’s harmful messages.

My most meaningful work focuses on creating communities that foster connection and support, including an organization for mothers that I founded 20 years ago. I bring skills in communications, operations, organizational culture and event planning to this work, as well as my lived experience of being a mother and a daughter. 

I earned an MBA in nonprofit management from Boston University and an MFA in Environmental Design from Parson’s School of Design. Trainings include the Leadership Institute for Public and Political Impact in which I focused my research on body image and media literacy,  Beyond Diversity 101, Mitigating Gender and Racial Bias, and a certificate in Positive Psychology. 

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Ruth Ever


My involvement with women’s health and empowerment started in my college Women’s Center where I ran the Birth Control Cooperative and organized cervical cap fittings for women where we looked at our own cervixes and learned how to be in charge of our bodies. Having two homebirths and getting to experience trusting my body completely (against all odds in this culture) were powerful and life-affirming moments that I am excited to foster in others through this program. 

My public health training in best practices for building resilience in youth and families informs the curriculum that Amy and I have created, along with my years of experience fighting against underage drug use and the targeted marketing that encourages it. I am a facilitator and trainer in several evidence-based top-rated curricula including Strengthening Families Program 10-14.  I also bring my love of improv, art and community organizing and engagement to this program, as well as my experience as a parent of a now 21-yr old daughter.

I earned a Masters in Public Health in Health Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, and am certified as a Whole Woman® Practitioner and a Psychosynthesis trained life coach which brings a holistic and positive perspective to being our best selves.