Mothers of middle school daughters group

FAQ page:

What will I get out of this workshop? 

We think the biggest benefit of this workshop will be setting aside the time to focus on the joys and challenges of raising young teen daughters in 2021 and to specifically focus on body image. With such busy lives, it’s hard to step back and recognize the big picture of parenting, to acknowledge what is going well and what is a struggle, and to seek support from others. This group will provide the space to do all of this.

Girls face so many pressures from society, media, and their changing bodies, and these pressures affect their confidence and wellbeing. Add a pandemic, social isolation, and a year at home with family, and all issues are heightened. This workshop is a chance to pause, reflect, set intentions, and move forward. 

You will learn tools and strategies for grounding yourself during struggle and for practicing more effective communication. 

You will have the opportunity to share and to be heard in a supportive community of mothers. Parenting can be isolating, confusing, frustrating, and joyful and it's so important to be able to share all of it with other parents in a non-judgemental, accepting space. 


What will we do in each session?

Each session will include plenty of time for discussions about raising girls and will focus on body image issues. These discussions will allow the group to support one another, share ideas and learn together. 

We will use visualizations and embodiment practices in order to bring the body into the body image conversation (it doesn’t work as well if we just use our heads to talk about our bodies).  

We will offer content on body image, media literacy, communication, and the female body. 


Is the workshop run by therapists?

No. This workshop will focus on discussions, not group therapy.  We are moms, educators, and facilitators. All of the mothers in the group will have their own wisdom and experiences to share and we will facilitate discussions so that the group benefits from this collective wisdom.


Have you offered other workshops? 

We developed a mother-daughter workshop but did not run it due to low enrollment. We learned that many teenage daughters were resistant to participating, but that mothers were seeking support and discussion. In response, we developed the current program and are excited about this new offering.  

Ruth has led a wide variety of workshops for families and for women and has worked with youth of all ages. Amy has designed many programs for both mothers and youth. 


Do I have to attend every session?

This program will be most effective for you and for the group as a whole if all participants come to every session. Building trust is important for open conversations, and this can only happen when there is consistency in the group from week to week.  Of course, we understand that things come up for families and that you might miss a week, but we ask you to sign up knowing that you can attend all four sessions. 


What kind of technology do I need in order to participate?

You will need a computer or phone with a camera, and WiFi, in order to access Zoom. 


What is the cost? Do you offer discounts? 

Because this is a pilot program that is partially underwritten and we are eager to get it off the ground after many months of preparation, we are offering a heavily discounted rate for this session. The cost for this introductory series is $50 per person.  We have partial and full scholarships available if this cost is a barrier.  Send an email to for scholarship information


How many people will be in the workshop?

In order to foster meaningful conversations and community, we will limit participation to 10 people. 


I am not exactly the mother, but I am raising a girl. Can I attend? 

Yes! We embrace all kinds of families. We absolutely welcome grandmothers, aunts, stepmothers, guardians, and other female-identified caregivers raising girls. 


Will my daughter be involved? 

All of the sessions are designed for mothers only, but we will offer optional activities and discussions for you to engage with your daughter at home in between each session. 


What if I need a break during a session? 

This workshop is about listening to and honoring our bodies, so we encourage you to do that. We will ask everyone to keep their cameras on most of the time, but if you need a break, you can turn off your camera and take care of yourself.  


Can I ask questions outside of the sessions, or bring up issues that come up during the program? 

Ruth and Amy are here for you throughout the four weeks of the program. You can reach out to us anytime and we will do our best to be supportive, or find other resources that can help. 


I’m worried about sharing feelings about my body, will it be safe for me to do this?

We will spend time getting to know each other and we will establish community agreements in the first session to make sure that everyone agrees to confidentiality and other guidelines that build trust. It is always your choice to share at the depth that you feel comfortable and ready for. 


Will there be homework between sessions?

There will be some optional ‘homework’ for mothers to do with their daughters--fun activities and ways to integrate the workshop information into your relationship and then bring your successes and challenges back to the group to share.