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About Us

Ruth is a public health practitioner with over 30 years of experience as an educator and prevention specialist. As a certified Whole Woman® practitioner, Ruth uses natural, research-based, non-invasive techniques to address pelvic discomfort and bladder issues. She is committed to helping women better understand and then shift how their pelvic organs are supported through solid explanations, posture, breathing, exercises and emotional support


How can I get help? 

Note: currently all options are being offered virtually. In-person sessions are offered on a case-by-case basis (Ruth is fully vaccinated) so please inquire if you want an in-person session.

  • Start with a Free ConsultNot sure what you need? Ruth offers a short, free consultation to hear about your situation, how she can help, and if this is a good fit (and help with a referral if she's not!). Contact her by phone or email today to set up an initial conversation.
  • Empowered Approach to Pelvic Health.  This is the 3.5 hour "foundations" workshop that combines the Whole Woman® work with Feldenkrais' Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Ruth has partnered with a Guild certified Feldenkrais teacher because she finds the approaches work beautifully together. Feldenkrais is about creating ease of movement and body awareness, so that the Whole Woman posture and teachings can be more deeply grounded and experienced in our bodies. Included in the price is a 25-minute private session with both teachers that happens within 3 days of the workshop.  Total cost range: $125-150
  • Empowered Approach to Pelvic Health for the Older Woman.  This class is a variation of the foundations workshop; it is geared to the older, less mobile woman. We spread it out over  3 weeks in 1-hour segments, and the whole class is done either sitting or standing with more gentle movements (no floor work on a mat and no private session included).  Cost range: $80-95
  • Ongoing Class Series. This 4-week class series is for folks already familiar with the Whole Woman work (either through working with Ruth, other WW practitioners or through Christine Kent's online videos, etc) who could use a refresher, need some extra support, want to review posture and exercises, appreciate the mini Awareness Through Movement lessons each week, or are struggling to create better habits or health and like a group class that makes it more fun.  Cost range for 4 classes: $60-80
  • Private Sessions. These are great for the beginner who wants to get one-on-one help (note: see my 6-session special below) or the seasoned Whole Woman-educated person who needs to tweak their practice or get some extra support. Rate is $75/hour.
  • Six session package. This private session package offers a 10% discount and will ensure that you get the most complete approach needed to be able to fully embrace the Whole Woman work. It is geared to those particularly struggling with bladder issues like leakage or urgency but will be helpful to anyone with any stage of pelvic organ prolapse. We will cover everything from basic pelvic structure to understanding overactive bladder or stress urinary incontinence, to practicing the Whole Woman posture, doing exercises, and toileting techniques. We will also explore any mental blocks or habits that can work against changing behavior and can contribute to anxiety with bladder control. Total cost with discount: $405  

Have you experienced...

  • Bladder leaks when you sneeze, laugh, etc.
  • Constant urges to pee
  • Heaviness or bulging around your vagina
  • Vaginal birth
  • Being told you have pelvic organ prolapse
    Or would like to learn about preventing problems?

We can help!

Reach out to make an appointment:


Phone: 413-374-2645


An Empowered Approach to Pelvic Health  (online)

with Ruth and Feldenkrais teacher, Fritha Pengelly

February 6, 2022 IS FULL

You can get on the waitlist or Register now for the March 6 Workshop

12:00 pm--3:30 pm EST

Click HERE to register or for more info

Feb 2022 WW Emp Wkshp (1)

The next Ongoing 4-Class Series starts Feb. 1

For those already familiar with the Whole Woman work: Practice with Support

Tuesdays 12:00-12:55 pm EST

2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22

Register HERE

Note: registration pages are on the Feldenkrais teacher's website.


The next Inner Garden Series will be offered around the Spring Equinox on Sunday March 20. This is a quarterly workshop that tunes into the pelvic inner landscape using guided visualization, biography work, & somatic experiences centered around the solstices/equinoxes. Details coming soon!


This [Empowered Approach] workshop was truly lifechanging! In just the first session I already felt so much more empowered and knowledgeable about the function of the pelvic "wall". I was genuinely relieved and freed by the concept of "no more Kegels"! Every woman should give this program a go, regardless of their age or condition. I feel like I took back agency over my own body. Thank you, Ruth and Fritha!  --Chrish K


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